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Medico Teknik

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Medico Teknik Environmental Technologies, which always prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction in its works, continues its activities without compromising this policy and maintaining its standards, and follows a strategy focused on sustainable growth. With the awareness of being one of the greatest values, it also keeps its social responsibility at the highest level.
Medico Teknik

Why Us

Medico Teknik Environmental Technologies is working to protect our world, where unconscious consumption is increasing rapidly and our living spaces are rapidly becoming polluted, and to make it more livable.



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How Long Does the Autoclave Last?

If we look at the duration of the autoclave in general, the working time varies according to various factors in sterilizations. Conditions such as application of humidity, temperature, pressure in sterilization affect this process.
Medico Teknik

Autoclave Pasteurization

The autoclave pasteurization process is another area of ​​use for autoclave devices. Pasteurization is a heating method used in the food industry to purify nutrients from disease-causing microorganisms.
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